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Centralizers have been used for decades to fulfill cementing jobs. The optimum placement of Centralizers is achieved by balancing between a high stand off ratio and low drag forces. Centralizers are one of the major contributing factors in successful cementing operations.

Centralizers are used to center the casing in the well bore to guarantee good replacement of the mud by the cement. No well is perfectly straight and this causes side forces which press the casing against the bore hole wall. In inclined wells these forces can be very high. The compensating force against the side force has to be provided by the centralizer bows and is termed as the restoring force which requires to be high to maintain an annular clearance Stand Off.

Centralizer with a low starting force would appear to be desirable for ease of running and pulling, the restoring force requirement must also be considered. To help you achieve the proper balance between the two requirements Casewell manufactures cantralizers bow in a range of height and shape which exceeds the restoring force required as those specified in API 10D spec. and also limits the restoring force to a desirable force.

Load deflection curve is prepared to indicate the operators on the performance of the centralizer ina given hole. This further helps the operators to determine Centralizer spacing required in deviated wells.

Casewell's software 'Centra Case Soft' can be used to calculate the Optimum spacing of Centralizers.

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